Omaha Outpouring


Kris Kildosher and Josh Stevens have seen God doing extraordinary things in Omaha, Nebraska, in recent weeks. Josh (with some quotes from Kris and testimonies from others) narrates what is taking place there:

A touch of heaven has come upon the city of Omaha, Nebraska. A number of teams from Bethel Church have been serving this region for the past few years, but something special happened in early December when a three-day trip turned into 17 nights of meetings up until the Christmas holiday. "Whenever God shows up, we are thankful, but I feel like we have grown accustomed to His grace and power in our midst. Everywhere we travel, we see amazing miracles and testimonies of God's goodness, but something different happened in Omaha..." said Kris Kildosher and Josh Stevens, who serve as part of the leadership of Bethel's Healing Rooms. "The Presence of God showed up in such a tangible way that most nights all we could do is worship." In this atmosphere of His Glory, healings, miracles, salvations and infillings of the Holy Spirit were taking place spontaneously without facilitation by those leading the meetings. "It was as if Jesus walked into the room... and He hasn't left."

On the third and fourth nights of the meetings, we knew something dramatic was happening. Eighty to 100 high schoolers packed into the small venue in addition to the crowd of around 200 already present. Many of them had heard from their friends at their public schools what was happening and decided to come as healings were taking place on their campus, students praying for each other and a teacher receiving healing.

Those nights we saw the Holy Spirit move in such power. At one point, a wave of God's Presence moved through the room, and some 20 students fell down under the power of the Spirit at the same time and went into encounters with the Lord. Many of these students were not Christians but were simply overwhelmed by God's Presence with no grid for what was happening to them. Each night we find ourselves not preaching but instead leading worship. The people present pick up on spontaneous songs and sing for hours.

One night, as the service was transitioning, there was complete silence in the room, and for 2 seconds or more people throughout the facility could hear with their natural ears a choir of thousands of voices singing. Some said it came from the back wall, others the side, and still others thought the sound came from the ceiling. This caused even more spontaneous worship to break forth.

"I have seen God do so many amazing things, but nothing like this. It reminds me of stories about revivals of the past. I cannot stop crying, and most days I wake up singing. Throughout the city, we are hearing reports of miracles breaking out in churches and on the streets where we had not heard much breakthrough happening before. Pastors are coming out to the meetings and getting a renewed faith and passion. God has been activating people to walk in miracles out in the community even though we rarely get to teach or preach. We are so blessed by the people here and the unity between the different churches and leaders in the city." —Kris

The meetings have continued after the Christmas holiday for an additional 25 days so far. The venue, called The Omaha Hub, has decided to continue to remain open seven nights a week. Every night there are new people. Every night there are miracles. By a raising of hands we estimate 40% of the people are first-timers each time we check. If you are anywhere in the region, we recommend you come out and receive a touch from God.

Here is a testimony we received:

"I attended your service on Saturday the 8th at the Hub in Omaha, NE. Growing up, I was raised in a super religious house, went to church and Sunday school. My mom was in the choir, and my dad was huge into community services with the church. My parents got a divorce, and we stopped going to church. It broke my heart.

"Saturday one of my friends kind of talked me into coming to your service, and I'll be honest, I was afraid to come. I've never heard of the practices you guys do, so it freaked me out. When we got to the Hub, we came in and sat down with a whole bunch of the teens in the middle of the room. When you started telling other people's testimonies, one really hit home to me. I haven't had cartilage in my knee for a few years and have been having extreme problems with it (cheer leading for 6 years does that to you).

"When you asked for people with knee problems to raise their hands, I felt extreme tingling in my knee, and all the pain is gone! It's incredible! Throughout the service, I kept tearing up for no real reason. You guys started to go around the room praying over people, and they were falling. I was DETERMINED to stay standing. I raised my hands to God so He could visit me. I suddenly collapsed and began to cry harder than I ever have.

"I just got out of a mentally, emotionally and semi-physically abusive relationship, and I have a hard time letting go of the things my ex said and did to me. I've been by his side no matter what and was his 'rock' in many ways. Things got so bad I was suicidal. When I closed my eyes, all I saw was complete white and God saying, 'Let go, you can do better. You deserve better.' I haven't had a single depressing thought or emotion since God visited me, and for once in my entire life, I've felt like I'm good enough for someone. I cannot thank you all enough for stopping into Omaha; you changed my life in a matter of 3 hours. "

Here is another:
"My name is Krista Brons, and I live in Lavista, NE. I'm 32 years old. My husband is a Lutheran pastor and God has been opening our eyes over the past 7 years to the things of the Spirit as it's all very new to us. I had shoulder problems with my right shoulder for about 14 years now. I injured it in high school and college playing volleyball as a hitter. I have always had a pop, pop, popping sound when I rotate it, and if you put your hand on my shoulder, you can feel the popping as I would rotate it. It will start to bother me with extensive use. I went to the Hub last night (Dec. 9th) not to receive any physical healing because I never even thought to receive prayer for it. But when they called for anyone with shoulder pain to raise their hand, I did.

"Not noticing if had been healed while I was there, I went home and rotated my arm in a circle and there was NO POPPING or PAIN! I was completely astonished and surprised! I called my friend and told her to watch the live web stream tonight and she was healed of problems she's had in her wrists for years! Thank Jesus for the healing and grace I received through what you guys are doing!"

And another:
"I met pastor Steve Warriner at the Omaha Hub on Monday, 12/10/12. I asked him to pray with me for my friend who is fighting for her life after a mysterious virus attacked her heart. She was on life support and was at the top of a list for a heart transplant. Praise God! Our prayers have been answered! My latest e-mail on her condition stated that she is improving every day and her heart is now fully functioning on its own. No word yet on whether they feel a heart transplant is still necessary, but she is a strong woman of faith, and I know that God has her in his gentle care."

Josh had a vision one night of a man watching on the web stream. Josh said among other details, "Andrew you're watching, you're between 25 and 35 years old, and you have a beard. God is touching you." Andrew "just happened" to be walking by his computer with it on and happened to hear his name. He had had a hernia for three years in his stomach, and it immediately sucked back in, and he was healed. Two nights later, he came back in and testified of being healed, and he was exactly what Josh had seen in the vision and was 31 years old.

A pastor from a church in the Omaha area heard about the meetings, so he decided to come by and check it out for himself, being a little skeptical but genuinely interested. He had had sciatic pain for four years so extreme that he didn't sleep well at night and had just ordered a special lift right before he came to the meeting. No word of knowledge for sciatic problems was called out, nor did he stand up to receive prayer. He didn't feel anything happen, but left the meeting without any pain. He didn't tell anyone for two days because he wanted to test it out. He lifted and moved a heavy load of lumber out of his truck, which would normally cause him so much pain he wouldn't be able to get out of a chair after sitting down. He has had no pain or problems with his sciatic nerve for the first time in 4 years and is sleeping through the night every night! He testified a week later in the meeting about what God had done for him just in the Presence, and how they canceled the order for the lift.

A 14-year-old boy, while raising his hands to heaven and was healed without a word of knowledge or a specific prayer for him; he was just healed in the Presence. He had had albino white hands with no pigment in them since as long as he could remember. The Presence touched his hands held to heaven, and all the color came back into them! He came and testified a few nights later about his healing. He said that he had also had a cut on his finger, which hadn't healed and was causing him nerve problems. He reported that the cut instantly healed, and all the nerve problems stopped!

A 14-year-old girl came one night with her friend and was sitting in the front. She had never been to anything like this before and didn't know what to expect. While we were just sharing from the front, she got this huge smile on her face. At first, she thought she had a pinched nerve or something wrong with her back because she felt heat pass through her back, but then she realized that all the pain was gone! She had had a condition in her spine since birth and always had pain in her back. Around a year prior, she had surgery to have metal rods put in her back. She had not been able to touch her palms to the floor or bend over because of the metal. She said, "I feel like I want to touch my toes," but she knew she couldn't. In front of everyone, she touched her palms to the floor!

Kris pointed at a girl and said, "The love of God is on you." She instantly broke down crying, and she tore off a cast she had on her arm and was completely healed! She had been in a severe car accident a few days earlier, and it was a miracle that she was alive. She had bruised ribs still and a broken wrist and as he just pointed at her, she was healed of all the lingering effects.

An exchange student from Bolivia came up to receive the baptism of the Spirit, and when we touched her, her wrist that she had fractured a few days before was instantly healed. She removed her brace and kept saying, "I can't believe it."

Hearing a testimony of a creative miracle of a bone being replaced in a leg, a man discovered the divots in his leg had become smooth! Without our instructing him to do so, he reached down and felt his leg where he had had large divots, and they were all almost completely filled in! It was an old football injury from years before where the upper leg was severely torn in three places.

A woman from a Catholic background who had never been to a meeting like this showed up because her friend had invited her to "experience more of God." That evening, we worshiped for three plus hours with no instruction as the Holy Spirit wouldn't let the guys release anything from the front or even welcome people. The lady had a hereditary spine condition in her back from birth; it was curved and always in pain. Without thinking about getting healed (or even knowing she could be healed), but just sitting in worship, she felt pain leave her back and her spine straighten. She asked somebody to go to the bathroom with her and check, and after checking three times, they confirmed to her that her spine was completely straight!