Healing from Tinnitus, Floaters, Fibromyalgia, Back and Neck Pain, Raynaud's Syndrome, Tumors, Lesions and Growths


During a Friday evening service on December 16, 2011, at which Chris Gore was ministering, a team called out words of knowledge. The congregation prayed for those who stood in response, and many healings took place. Some people testified to their healings, and here are some of the testimonies recorded that evening:

Growths, Tumors and Lesions
A man had a growth on his rib (could feel it when he touched the ribcage). After Chris testified about people with growths, he found that his growth was gone.

A man had a fatty tumor the size of his thumb, and they were able to watch it dissolve.

Mandy no longer has visible the skin cancer lesions on her nose. Her friend watched the lesions become smaller, then disappear. Mandy looked in a mirror. She can't see the lesions, either. Also, the pain from the metal in her jaw is 80% gone.

A man with tinnitus in both ears received prayer as those around him laid hands on his ears. He has had the condition for 20 years. The ringing completely stopped.

A man with tinnitus and a growth found that the ringing had stopped and the growth was gone.

A woman had tinnitus in both ears. After prayer, the ringing stopped in both ears.

Floaters in the eye
Steve had had floaters in his right eye, which came on suddenly one morning four years ago, and they are gone now.
Carolyn has had floaters for years, and they are now gone.

Ferris has had floaters his entire life. He could not see without them, and they are now gone.

Rena had had intense abdominal problems, and the pain reduced as soon as they put hands on her.

Ben has had horrible pain in his back for a couple of days, and was told at the pharmacy that he needed to go to the doctor, but his pain is now gone, and he even feels relaxed there.
Dannie had had Raynaud’s syndrome since she was a baby. She felt heat and went outside and it wasn’t cold at all.

Dana was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and has always had pain in her neck. She came with pain, and she doesn’t have pain. She had had it for three years, and it caused migraines.
Foot problems

Raoul had a metal plate in his ankle (a sport injury) for 3 years. Now he can't feel it and he has more mobility in the ankle.

Jerry had not had lateral movement in his right ankle for quite a while because he had sprained his ankle so many times. Now there is no pain, and he can move it.

Monty from Oregon had pulled a muscle in his foot jogging this week. In response to a word of knowledge for a foot problem, he stood and as soon as he did, he recognized that it was healed. It even feels tingly.

Back and Neck Pain

A man had a pain and click in his neck. Both left after prayer.
Samuel hurt his neck two days ago, and it’s fine.

Joshua hurt his neck six years ago when he fell out of a tree. His neck was tight, but now it is loose and he can move it without pain.

Brendon had had back pain for the last four years. He couldn’t stand without pain, and he is pain free now.

Quillan hurt his neck and back in an accident four years ago. He hurt his knee snowboarding five years ago and had lots of things wrong. He has full mobility now, and his back pain is completely gone.

Elizabeth has had neck trouble for about a month. Her neck continued burning after the prayer.

Jimmy has had pain for a year. He would feel nerve pain on his lower back whenever he would bend over, but it is gone. He demonstrated that he could bend over.

Gary has been having problems with his neck for the last week. He had a car accident yesterday and he hit the windscreen (making it worse). After prayer, he felt 95% of the pain was gone. Chris prayed for total healing, and Gary indicated it was "good now" and that it was 100% healed.

Lydia has had bad lower back pain for the last 3 months. The pain is now gone.

Bill has had back problems for 10 years. After Chris prayed, the pain was gone.

Cold and Respiratory Symptoms
Sophie has been coughing from walking pneumonia for four weeks.
Levi felt healing before even receiving prayer for pain in his chest from a cold.