Creative Miracle for a Tooth


Brenda Kingrea sent us this testimony:

Because of a root canal many years ago, I had experienced a large section of bone loss under the tooth. For two to three years, my dentist has told me that I need to go have cadaver or synthetic bone inserted, a post drilled in, and a new tooth built on top of it.

All the while, I refused the treatment because I believed my heavenly Father would recreate the bone for me! I told the dentist my desire. He gently explained that "that's not how it works. You will need to have this done."

I called the Healing Rooms last year, and a young boy prayed for me. I was so confident that the work was done that I rescheduled an x-ray at the dentist to prove it! Nothing had changed. So the dentist insisted further for me to get the procedure done, and I told him again I was holding out for the healing and re- creating of the bone!

In June, I attended Kingdom Culture at Bethel and was privileged to be in the Healing Rooms on Saturday. The young man called out that God was healing someone's "right jaw bone," and I called out,"It's my left one!" Two weeks after my return was a regularly scheduled dentist appointment.

The x-ray shows clearly the dark spot that has been there for a long time showing the loss of bone is now WHITE and filled in! God is definitely regrowing my bone! I am so, so, so, so grateful.

The dentists in the office agreed that "This isn't how it's supposed to happen. We say we believe God does these things, but we don't expect Him to do it for us." Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!
I asked for a copy of the x-ray, which they gladly provided to me. I will send you a copy!
Praise Jesus!