Pastor Sees Cancer Healings


Pastor Torsten Cichon from Germany sent us this testimony:

Thank you for all you are doing for the body of Christ. To encourage you, I send you these lines. In 2007, Bill Johnson came to Germany and held a conference in Speyer. I attended the conference and this destroyed my theology. I am a pastor in an evangelical church that didn’t believe in the supernatural. Bill’s teaching (and also the teaching of the other speakers) changed my understanding of the supernatural and I started to grow in the ministry of the supernatural.

My father had prostate cancer and was operated on. The cancer came back and he had radiotherapy. In 2009, the cancer came back, and my father gave up hope. My parents planned to come with us for summer vacation 2010. But my father said, “I don’t think that I will be alive next summer!” I offered to pray for healing and he agreed. After the Sunday service my mentee, who also believes in God’s healing power, prayed with me for my father. We commanded the cancer to go in Jesus’ name and the blood values to go back to normal.

The next blood test showed a slightly lower cancer-indicating value and my father had some hope. The second blood test after the prayer showed a totally normal blood value. My father came with us on vacation, and he has been healthy since the prayer. The blood value has been normal and perfect since then.

Thank you, Bethel Church, for all I learned from you through ibethel, books, conferences. Without your influence I would never have prayed a “crazy” prayer like I did. Your desire for a cancer-free zone inspired me and built faith I didn’t have before.

This April, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. I told her we should go to a church close to our place, where a very experienced pastor prays for healing. She said, ”It is okay, when you and Princely (brother in our church from Cameroon) pray for me.”

So we prayed for my wife and in faith we said, ”We want the doctors to operate and find nothing, in Jesus’ name.” And that’s what happened. They operated on my wife and found no more cancer.
Praise Jesus.