A Necklace Called "Hidden"


Attorney Catherine King has a side business/ministry of jewelry making. All her jewelry pieces come with prophetic words attached. Two years ago, while she was a BSSM student, the Lord brought to mind during worship a necklace she had created that she had named “Hidden” as in Ps. 91, being hidden under the shadow of His wings. During worship, she had an encounter with Him in which she was “taken into” the necklace. God said to her, “You are in the shadow of My wings.” A spirit of intercession came on her for her best friend’s mother, who had terminal, inoperable brain cancer. It was inoperable because of swelling. God told Catherine to send that necklace to her.

She sent it with a note saying, “This is what God showed me, that there’s healing in His wings and He is going to heal you.” The next week, she went in for a check up and the swelling that had made her cancer inoperable had gone down and they were able to operate, and she was healed.

Since then, God has had Catherine make that necklace for other people as well. An attorney she is in touch with from Los Gatos said his mom had cancer in her lungs that was surgically removed but the cancer in her stomach had to be dealt with through chemotherapy at the risk of dissolving her stomach. Catherine said she would pray and fast for his mother. God showed her to send that same necklace design to his mother as a gift. She sent it along with the testimony of the other lady who had been healed. The woman’s intestines had been perforated by the chemo, allowing toxins and chemo poison to leak into her body. Doctors expected her to die the next day and she had gone out of her mind.

Her son came in to pray for her one last time. People had been praying for her around the world, too. Three days later, God told her son to wake her up and look into her eyes. He saw Jesus in his mom’s sapphire-colored eyes. His mom was completely healed, and he put the necklace around her neck. She continues to wear it. Her doctors said her healing was inexplicable.