Israel  Conference Testimonies 2009


Joaquin Evans took a team to Israel for a youth conference. One of his team, Kris Kildosher, while praying in his prayer language, received the gift of tongues. He was speaking Hebrew fluently while he was there. He, Joaquin and Josh Stevens saw so many miracles. For two hours after the session, they were activating people in words of knowledge. Kris was soaking on the ground and praying in tongues. An Israeli girl said, "You speak Hebrew?" He said no, and she said, "You are praising God in fluent Hebrew." So for a half hour, he spoke in tongues and she interpreted it. It was glorious.

They had a breakout of miracles in the Jewish Quarter in the Old City. Joaquin was looking for a place to have lunch and his jaw started hurting. The third person he asked said, "Yeah, I do. How do you know that?" Joaquin said, "The God of Israel showed me." Joaquin's pain left and he said," The God of Israel is healing you." The pain went away. The man said, "Oh my what is happening?" He said, "The God of Israel is healing you. Just touch your jaw." Joaquin added, "Anyone else have pain?" A tall guy came out and he had had a sports injury for a couple of years. For 45 minutes everyone in the shops was getting healed. Joaquin told them it was the God of Israel and Yeshua, who is the Messiah.

A few hours later they were in the site believed to be the Upper Room, where he goes every time and asks for a breakout of miracles. (You know the Upper Room, where Pentecost originally broke out.) There were 50 or so Koreans on a tour filming a documentary. They are familiar with Bethel. One of them is the one who translates Pastor Bill's books. One asked Joaquin to pray for his sinuses. He started shaking and fell on the ground. The group saw that and came forward. Joaquin said to the team, "It's on right now, and they started praying, and miracles broke out." Some were crying, some were laughing, and some were getting delivered. Others would come and say, "What's happening? You are having a spontaneous miracle service? Pray for me."

A breakout of God's presence and power occurred in a Druze village. They did a meeting in a church there, then had miracles break out in a falafel shop. They prayed for a man and the pain from his bandaged arm and sliced fingers went away. A deaf ear opened up.

The night before that they had just got into town and they were at a gas station at 11 at night. They went to get something to drink. They asked if anyone had pain. One said, "Are you a doctor?" Joaquin said, "No, I'm a physician's assistant." The guy asked, "Who's the doctor?" and Joaquin said, "God is and I assist him." The guy didn't like that and ran outside, but his car wouldn't start. So Joaquin and another went to help him. They prophesied over him. An hour and a half later they were still prophesying over everyone and they wouldn't let the team leave. One guy on the team said, "Have you ever felt the power of God?" and had a man put his hands out. They asked him, "Are you feeling anything?" He said, "No, not really." As he was walking away, he said, "But I'm sober now, though. Can you turn me back to the way I was?"

At 1:30 in the morning as they were trying to leave, they guy grabbed the squeegee and started washing their windshield.

The man who organizes the conference at which Joaquin spoke has a 24-hour prayer house. They are 6 blocks from the Old City. It's normal between their prayer house and the Old City that if you stop someone to pray for them, they say, "You are the third person to pray for me." A deaf/mute man was healed. He was praying in tongues. He got on the bus and said, "God's on this bus. Who wants to get healed?"