Healed of Celiac's Disease


Heather Wiebe from British Columbia, Canada, gave us this testimony:

I came in January 2008 to the Prophetic Arts Conference. I was on a mission to get the Sozo materials because I am a pastor/counselor at my church. While at Bethel, I interviewed Teresa Liebscher about the Transformation Center.

I've suffered with Celiac Disease for at least ten years. It was a lifetime thing but had gotten worse and was finally diagnosed ten years ago. I suffered some symptoms as a child but it's triggered by stress and ten years ago, some stressful things happened to really trigger it. If not treated, it can develop into small bowel cancer. It's an allergy to gluten (found in wheat, rye, barely and oats). My grandmother died of abdominal cancer. My mother had all the symptoms but wasn't diagnosed.

Along with that, I had dermatitis herpetiformis, which caused scars all over my body. It's a sister to leprosy. I found out I had that because it would manifest in terrible rashes. When I ate gluten, I would have a horrible rash breakout. The ulcers would become very red and black. Not all Celiacs have that, but I did.

It's very limiting. I've been crying out to God for healing. I think I've been healed once before, but I wasn't able to retain the healing until I went through the Sozo process by DVD. When I heard about the tool called the Father Ladder, I realized I had been believing a lie. Because my natural father and foster father had not come through for me but were abusive, I had unconsciously transferred to God the Father the expectation that He would not come through for me, especially in the area of healing. I forgave my fathers and renounced the lie that the Heavenly Father would not come through for me. Another tool they teach is the Wall. Donna asked us to close our eyes and see the wall. For me it looked like me standing with drooped shoulders and handing arms and bowed head in a kaki hat and long kaki coat. The statue began to disintegrate but stopped halfway down. She said something like, "You need to pick up something to finish the job of dismantling this wall." I picked up a mallet, and I began to hammer on this half-dismantled statue. Little did I know that the statue was actually on a pedestal. As I was hammering, the last crumbles of the statue, the pedestal began to disintegrate.

Then I asked the Lord what that was about. The Lord showed me the statue had a word on it: hopelessness and powerlessness. And the pedestal was unbelief. Donna led us through a prayer of release and I sort of for a couple of days stayed in a place of meditating on the Lord. I went to a service and the presence of God was so intense and I heard Him say, "You are well." I turned to my friend and said, "We are going out for a feast." We had pita bread and pecan pie. I would have had lightening bolt intense pain in my abdomen and then bloating and gas, then by the next day a migraine headache. I would have had canker sores in my mouth and ulcers on my lips and the rash.

When I came back from this worship service, I got into my car and Matt Redmon was singing, "Thank You for Healing Me" when I turned my ignition on. That song was on a CD in my car. I never really heard that song until that moment though I'd listened to that CD it so many times. The healing came on May 10 on Mother's Day.

The next day, I had a doctor"s appointment that had been planned already for two months. I asked for a TTG test that would confirm yes or no for Celiac Disease. It came back negative for Celiac Disease!

Every time I eat something with gluten in it now, I say, "Thank you for healing me."