Healings in Mexico City


Here Chris Gore's testimony from Mexico City:

I had just preached a message on how intimacy leads to identity, which leads to joy and authority. We had a joy tunnel, and the place blew up. It was like a joy bomb had been dropped in the middle of the room; it just went off! The head of the joy tunnel met the tail, and it was one big circle around the building, and they just kept going around and around without stopping. I think they were just waiting to be told that it's OK to party in church!

A young lady (Anna) was brought to me for prayer, and all that I could see was that she had an AFO on her leg with a custom built shoe. I did not realize that there was a difference in length at first; then I pulled the other leg up and was shocked to find a good four-inch difference. To be honest, I was so stunned that I felt like any faith I did have had just run away. I have not seen many legs grow out as I have not prayed for many.

I began praying for about two minutes and put my focus on the legs that I had seen grow out, like the one in church with Bill a few weeks back on a Sunday night. After about two minutes, the leg rattled a little bit and grew a fraction and I turned to Les and said, "Did you see that?" He said yes, so I immediately began to give thanks to Jesus for what he had started. Within 30 more seconds, it took off and grew out. I was so stunned and shocked. The girl burst into tears, and I thought it was because it hurt. She leapt off the stage and into her mum's arms, and the joy level increased even more. We had a party!!

The expectation level in my heart just went up, and I was looking for the next person. I must have prayed for at least 30 legs over 2 days and nights and every one was healed. In the end I was saying, "If you want to see a miracle, come and watch; I just knew they would be healed. Miracles are meant to teach us right, Pastor Bill?!! I was learning fast!!

In church on Sunday morning a couple brought their son for prayer who had intelligence issues. Someone whispered in my heart that they were not Christians and had never been to church. I turned to the father after praying for the boy and said, "Do you have issues with your back? He replied yes, and I said, "Well sit in this chair, and let's look at your legs." I lined his legs up, and one was about half an inch short. I turned to his wife and said, "Come around here, and watch this." I prayed and it grew! YAY GOD! I turned to his wife and said, "Do you have back issues, too? Yes she did and yes her legs were different lengths. I sat her in the chair and said to the husband, "Come and watch this." Yes, it grew out, too. I turned to them both and said, "You want to know why this happened? Do you know Jesus?" They said in name only. I told them that Jesus just healed them because he loves them and asked if they wanted a relationship with the Jesus that had just healed them. They both quickly agreed and I got to lead them both to Jesus. YAY GOD!!

On the Sunday morning service, I asked all remaining people from the healing seminar to come forward. They had no idea what I was going to do. They faced me. I think they thought I was going to pray for them. I asked them to turn and face the people. I then asked for anyone with back issues or legs of different lengths to come forward. They did and lined up. I got a row of chairs behind the people and told them to check their legs and get them healed. About 10 came up and they all got healed, through them!

A man came that had really weak arms with pain the doctors had been really concerned about. It was even hard to hold a bottle of water in his hand. The pastor and I prayed and put my Bible in his arms, then a laptop and a bag. It was happening. In the end he was holding his wife in his arms, with lots of strength and no pain!!! YAY GOD!!

We also had about 10 flat feet healed with arches appearing. One lady had 3 breast tumors dissolve. Several deaf people were healed, and there were lots of other miracles. Another lady that did not know Jesus was also healed of pain in her breast, and she gave her life to Jesus as well.

It was an amazing three days seeing around 80 to 100 pastors' lives so impacted, set on fire and ready to release revival and set to go back to their local churches changed!

Releasing Revival and boasting of HIS Goodness!

Chris Gore