The Sozo ministry has two seminars: Basic Sozo Seminar and Advanced Sozo Seminar.

Basic Sozo Seminar

The goal of the Basic Sozo training is to provide tools and information
to be trained in the sozo ministry. In the Basic Training we will be
teaching the Father Ladder, Four Doors, Presenting Jesus, The Wall, and
Training for Sozoing Children.

The seminar is set up so that once the Sozo training is completed and
the church or organization develops experience, then that group is able
to start a sozo ministry.

The tools and information are helpful for those in other inner
healing/deliverance ministries, healing rooms, prayer or counseling

Advanced Sozo Seminar

The goal for the Advanced Sozo training is to provide support and
additional information for any problems or issues occurring because of
providing the sozo ministry.

The seminar will be teaching two additional sozo tools: Triggers and
Divine Editing. This seminar also includes training for Prophetic
Deliverance and also the Shabar ministry (a ministry to shattered



Dawna DeSilva

Dawna DeSilva is the Founder and Leader of the International Healing and Deliverance Sozo Ministry birthed at Bethel Church. Dawna is also a leader of the Transformation Center at Bethel. Whether training pastors and leaders in Sozo, teaching on destiny, or ministering prophetically, she releases people, churches and cities into new vision and freedom. No matter how traumatic the woundings, Dawna ministers with authority and gentleness, imparting hope and healing.


Teresa Liebscher

Teresa Liebscher is the founder/leader of the Shabar Ministry of Bethel Church since 2002. She has developed and is now offering training for the Shabar ministry. She is one of the teachers of the Sozo Ministry and has been involved in Sozo since 1997. Teresa has been traveling and teaching Sozo seminars since 1998. Teresa is also a leader of the Transformation Center at Bethel. Her passion for connecting the body of Christ to Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit is an ever increasing love of her life.

Seminars can be held at Bethel, or the Sozo team can travel to the church or organization's location.

Visit to see the team's Itinerary, more details on training at Bethel or your location, for Registration Forms, and other information.