LDP is a 12-month distance-learning course specifically designed for leaders who desire to create a revival culture within their ministry or organization. Through this program, Global Legacy exposes leaders to the skills and core values that are essential to sustaining revival. Challenge yourself, and those you lead, to walk in a greater experience of joy, honor, risk, faith, the supernatural and more.

Once each month, Bethel Church leaders will teach and minister to you on the current month’s revival culture via a LIVE Video Conference (VC). These VCs are powerful and encouraging, and give you the opportunity to interact by asking questions, sharing your testimonies, and chatting with other LDP participants. If you are unable to attend a VC, simply play back an archived recording at your convenience. We also offer free additional VCs for groups such as Associate leaders, church planters and marketplace leaders.

You cannot change the culture (shared knowledge, beliefs and behaviors) around you without first changing the culture within yourself. LDP1 will focus on twelve cultures (one each month) that we feel are essential for creating and sustaining revival within yourself and your organization. Our online classroom will be available to you 24 hours a day to help you fully understand and experience each monthly revival culture.

- Family
- Goodness of God
- Salvation and Righteousness
- Joy and Hope
- Risk and Faith
- Grace and Empowerment
- Valuing his Presence
- Honor
- Releasing the supernatural
- Prophetic
- Generosity
- Revelation and the Word

When you register for LDP, we will ship you a workbook that will help lead you through the entire program. The workbook will motivate you, keep you on track with your assignments, help you to assess your current grasp of the month’s revival culture, and prompt you and your organization to develop practical action plans for growth.

The LDP2 online classroom and video conferences have been designed to promote relational connections and give participants a sense of community. All LDP2 participants are invited to attend an LDP Brunch, LDP Gathering, and a couple of “Meet & Greet” events with our BSSM students and Alumni in Redding, CA. (The Brunch is free, but minimal registration fees may apply to other events).