Developing Prophetic Communities


Feb 26, 2014 - Feb 28, 2014


933 College View Dr. Redding, CA 96003


$95.00 per individual

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Registration - Wednesday 26th 3:30

Evening Session - 7:00pm

Morning Session - 10:00am
Afternoon Session - 2:00pm
Evening Session - 7:00pm

Morning Session - 10:00am
Afternoon Session - 2:00pm
Evening Session - 7:00pm

Developing Prophetic Communities

Bethel Church
933 College View Dr. Redding, CA 96003

When Ezekiel entered the valley of dry bones, the outlook was bleak; death hung over the battlefield like a thick, dark, cloud.
Then suddenly God rocked Ezekiel's world. He asked the prophet a ridiculous question: "Can these bones live?"
The great prophet staggered to comprehend the possible outcome of God's inquiry...finally he gathered himself and answered, "You know, Lord." The rest is history: a mighty army emerged from the valley of dry bones as Ezekiel prophesied life into the dusty rubble.
Once again prophetic people stand in the valley of the shadow of death, and once again God is asking us the same question, "Can these bones live?"

The history of nations hang in the balance as we ponder the answer to this profound question: Will we inspire mass funerals of despair, or will we equip a mighty army of light bearers? The world waits in hopeful anticipation as the prophetic people of God stand in the valley of decision. May God commission us to once again rock nations as we gather to seek the King! And may He equip us to see a mighty army rise from the dry bones of global despair. And may we shine the light of hope in this desperate and dying world!

Won't you join us in this great gathering of prophetic His-story makers as we rise to inspire a faith-filled revolution.



cindy jacobs

Cindy Jacobs is a respected prophet who travels the world ministering not only to crowds of people, but to heads of nations. Perhaps her greatest ministry is to world influencers who seek her prophetic advice. Her first calling is and always will be prophetic intercession. Ever since the Lord called her with the scripture, "Ask of me the nations for your inheritance and the ends of the world for your possession," she has taken that calling seriously. She describes her call to the nations an inverted homesickness. Each year she travels and has spoken on nearly every inhabited continent to tens of thousands.


bob hazlett

Bob Hazlett is the founder of Touch of Fire Ministries. After serving ten years in pastoral ministry, Bob founded Touch of Fire to encourage leaders and empower individuals to live prophetically and walk powerfully. Bob speaks regularly at conferences and conducts outreaches nationally and internationally. Bob’s course, Xtreme Christianity equips people to live in the supernatural. Bob lives in Connecticut with his wife Kimberly and daughters April and Abby.


Kris Vallotton

Kris Vallotton is the co-founder and overseer of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California. He is the Senior Associate Leader at Bethel Church, and has been a part of Bill Johnson's apostolic team for over 34 years. Kris is an internationally recognized prophetic voice, and he and his wife Kathy have trained, developed, and pastored prophetic teams and supernatural schools all over the world. He is a notable speaker with a vision and passion to equip an "Elijah Generation" for the end-times harvest. He has authored numerous books, including the best-selling Supernatural Ways of Royalty, as well as Developing a Supernatural Lifestyle, Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry, Heavy Rain and Spirit Wars.