The Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry’s (BSSM) vision is to teach, equip, train and commission the Saints to bring revival to the four corners of the earth! Over the years, many friends have asked for assistance in creating schools of supernatural ministry. In response, we have developed a 1st and 2nd Year DVD curriculum based on our Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) in Redding, CA. We have also developed an Administrator’s Manual, which is a collaboration of insights and tools we use, to build a structure that serves the vision and a culture that facilitates revival! More Info...

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With over 14 years of experience, the staff of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) has created an Administrator’s Manual. The Administrator’s Manual is a how-to guide designed to offer simple, straightforward advice on how to administratively reproduce a school like BSSM. It several topics including Staff and Department Development, the Admissions Process, Class Schedules and Meetings, Finances, Mission and Core Values, Discipleship Materials, as well as information on Attendance and Homework. The manual includes a CD with most of the documents in the manual on it, which means you can use pre-made forms or change them to fit your specific needs. More info...



The 1st Year BSSM DVD Curriculum focuses on developing a culture of revival and a lifestyle of the supernatural through teaching on our identity in Christ, how to walk in signs & wonders, and Bible study. There is also a strong emphasis on healing, developing a prophetic culture, and demonstrating the gospel with power. These foundational messages are a core component in the culture of revival at Bethel; they are combined with worship, activation (outreach), revival/small group discipleship, and mission trips to activate the students in the supernatural. Our goal is to see His Kingdom come, here on earth as in Heaven. More info...



The 2nd Year BSSM DVD Curriculum focuses on taking the foundational first year elements to a new level with training in practical leadership principles, apostolic governmental structures, more in-depth Bible study and deeper activation of the gifts of the Spirit. There is also a strong emphasis on learning to lead people and to steward and pass on our spiritual inheritance to the next generation—for a revival that never ends! These core messages are combined with worship, activation (outreach), revival/small group discipleship, and mission trips to give the students practical experience in leadership and in living a supernatural lifestyle. Our goal is to establish God’s Kingdom in every realm of society. More info...



The 3rd Year Program of BSSM is part of Global Legacy (GL). Please visit their website for further information at


As outlined in the Terms and Agreement, the names "Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry" and the acronyms "BSM” and “BSSM" (collectively the "Marks") are trademarked and property of Bethel Church of Redding, or other respective owners that have been granted permission by Bethel Church of Redding to use such Marks. Copyright 2007 and 2012. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

In purchasing and using the BSSM DVD Curriculum in your school, permission is given to say you are “featuring DVD curriculum from the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA,” but you cannot use any of the names or acronyms (indicated above) as the title of your ministry or school. The reason for this is that, as you can imagine, our reputation may be damaged by schools who are not upholding our core values and beliefs. Please feel free to use the words “supernatural school of ministry” in your ministry titles without infringing upon the titles mentioned above.

Our goal in providing this DVD curriculum is to empower the church to move in the supernatural. We have confidence that this material, combined with your giftings and anointings, will create a school that reflects your unique destiny!