Class Descriptions

Band Session:

Instrument Focus: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Keys, Bass, and Drums
Position Focus: Worship Leader and BGV

INSTRUCTORS: Worship U Staff and Bethel Music Artists

In this class, you will have an opportunity to be part of a band in which you will have a personal instructor coaching you as you play, giving you feedback and tips on how you can grow in your instrument. Students participating in these sessions will need to bring their own guitar, bass or accent instruments. Drums and keyboards are not necessary. This class is very limited and there will be a signup sheet for each session. 1st preference will be to those who have come with multiple band members who have already been playing together.

Class Prerequisite: Must be currently playing/leading worship in a band with a minimum of 3 years experience. Teams will be selected by Worship U staff.


We offer a variety of songwriting classes that are taught by our Worship U staff and other outside guest speakers. Actual class descriptions will be made available 1 month before school starts. Here are some of the following topics that will be addressed in class:

Catching and Crafting Ideas
The Marriage of Lyric and Music
What Makes a Great Song
Painting Pictures with Your Words
General Guidelines for Writing a Worship Song
Incorporating Different Styles in Your Writing
Co-Writing Keys
Saying What You Want to Say in a Musical Way
And more…

Worship Leading/Prophetic Song

Corporate Vs. Personal Anointing
The Role of a Worship Leader
Learning about Response Vs. Revelation Received
Spirit Led Worship
Connection to Leadership as a Worship Leader
Relating to Your Band and Pulling the Best Out of Them
Creating Song Lists
How to Run a Smooth Sound Check
How to Create a Prophetic Culture Through Praise/Worship
Using Songs as a Runway to the Prophetic
Leading with Confidence
Prophetic Song Vs. Spontaneous Song
Where does the Prophetic Song fit in a Worship Service?
And more…


Classes are rated Beginner/Intermediate and are open to all drummers. Depending on how many drummers we have in class, you may have personal one on one instructions with a personal instructor.

Topics Include:
Drum Set Basics
The Role of a Drummer in a Worship Setting
Playing with Different Band Leaders
Playing Dynamically
Playing with a Metronome
Being Sensitive to the Movement of the Spirit and the Music
Tips on Recording
Studio Drumming


Classes are rated Beginner/Intermediate and are open to all bass players. Depending on how many players we have in class, you may have personal one on one instructions with a personal instructor.

Topics Include:
Style and Technique
Gear and Tone
Bass Q & A
Music Theory
The Role of a Bass Player in the Band


There are many different classes taught on guitar ranging from the Beginning Player to the Advanced Player. More descriptions of exact classes will be given one month prior to school starting. Some of the topics to be covered in the classes are:

The Role of an Electric Lead Player
Excellence in Performing
Basic Harmony: How Chords and Progressions Relate to Each Other
Understanding Guitar Theory
Beginning Acoustic
Intermediate Acoustic
Lead Guitar Playing in a Worship Setting
Tutorial on Jesus Culture & Bethel Live Lead Guitar Parts


Topics covered in the Keyboards class include:
Sound Design
How To Be a Keyboardist in a Worship Band
Playing Tips
Software, Recording and Gear
Basic Worship Piano
Discovering Your Limitations and Growing Beyond Them
Choosing the Appropriate Sound(s)
The Nashville Number System

Creative Expressions

This is your opportunity to be able to present to the class the creative expressions that you have living inside of you. Your expression can be anything from Spoken Word to a Hip-Hop dance and everything in between.

Dance/Creative Movement & Flagging

We have a wonderful group of dancers from The Artesan Dance Company in Redding along with dancers from Bethel Church that specialize in a variety of dance styles. Some of the classes include but are not limited to:
Beginning Through Advanced Ballet
Creative Movement
Healing Room Dance
Modern Dance
Urban Dance Demonstration
Ballet Fitness
Dance as Intercession

Art In Worship

A selection of topics included but not limited to:
Prophetic Art in the Marketplace
Living Your Dreams Through Creativity
Breakthrough and Healing Through Prophetic Art
Creative Freedom
Prophetic Portraits
Writing With Words and Color


In the voice class, we will be discussing the mechanics of the voice to help you find your true voice. We will be observing and evaluating common problem areas and negative tendencies that people have while singing, such as pushing, pulling, squeezing, over-blowing, lack of strength and singing throaty, nasally or breathy. We will then discuss and implement practical ways to correct these things.

Private lessons will be available from the instructor for an additional fee. You may go to to schedule a lesson.

Sound & Recording

We have a wide range of Sound & Recording options available to you this year. Most classes are hands-on and allow you to have a recording/mixing experience in a non-threatening atmosphere. Classes are being taught for all skill levels. Topics include:

Pro-Tools Basics
Intermediate and Advance Pro-Tools and Audio Training
Advanced Studio Training
Sound 101
Recording Overview
Microphone Techniques
Studio Mixing Techniques
Recording Demos


This class is broken up into 5 sessions. You need to have your own camera and it should not be your Iphone. During the course of the school, you will learn the following:

The Prophetic Side – Learn how to capture elements/people/landscape through the lens.

The Studio Side – Learn how to use Studio Lights, backdrops, props etc. You will also be working with live models.

The Natural Light Side - This class is taken outside where you will be working with natural light and the surrounding elements.

The Photoshop Side - Is editing necessary? You will learn simple photoshop techniques to artistically enhance your photos.

Digital Imaging – This class will cover image composition, camera control, image capture and editing tools.