BSW Application

Thanks for your interest in WorshipU On-Campus 2015!

Application Directions
Before starting your application make sure that you have 15-20 minutes available, as you will not be able to go back and complete it later.

Application Fee
Please be prepared to pay the $20 application fee at the end of this application. You may pay by credit card.

WorshipU On-Campus Application Supplemental Forms
In order for your application to be complete, you will need to input the First Name, Last Name and the Email address of your pastoral recommendation and your one personal recommendation. Once your application is complete the forms will be sent automatically to the individuals you have specified.

Please follow up with your recommendations to make sure they have received their email. If an error does occur, we have provided the links below for your convenience.

We will contact you shortly after we receive your application, pastoral recommendation, personal recommendation, and your application fee.

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